Areas of application

The EUCAM learning infrastructure is being introduced and tested at various international test sites within the framework of the EUCAM project. Within this process, the reproduction of work processes and qualification contents is realised through the Production Learning System (PLS) developed by DaimlerChrysler and contents are translated into the respective languages by the LTC Communicator. The test runs are conducted in the area of assembly and machining at DaimlerChrysler plants in Mannheim (Germany), Ligny (France), Aksaray (Turkey), Vitoria (Spain) and Detroit (USA). The aim is to improve both horizontal communication between management and shop floor workers and transfer of knowledge between different production sites.

The EUCAM infrastructure also comes into use during new production start-ups. During these processes, data from machine manufacturers is being transferred into the learning system through the use of the Population Editing System, an Excel Editor developed within the EUCAM project. The newly entered data is then translated by the LTC Communicator, a translation tool developed by the EUCAM partner LTC. This enables swift transfer of knowledge: Experience gained during the production start-up at a particular plant can be easily passed on to other plants in cases of deferred production start-ups.

During these test runs, the existing learning infrastructure is being evaluated in terms of technical infrastructure as well as the didactical environment including learning concepts and methods. The evaluation focuses in particular on the distinctions between different learning cultures and the resulting changes in demands on the competencies and responsibilities of the EUCAM Coach at different production sites.

If you would like to read more about localisation of the EUCAM infrastructure, see ‘International and multicultural aspects in the context of EUCAM’.

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