EUCAM (Multilingual Communication in European Car Manufacturing) is a Multilingual Infrastructure for Work Process Oriented technical collaboration. It applies communication and content technology to establish learning in combination with knowledge management as a dynamic process between component suppliers, machine manufacturers and production plant operators based in different countries.

EUCAM, a multilingual application provides the infrastructure for dynamic computer supported cooperative learning and quality improvements. It is to be available at all times at the shop floor workplaces and should enable interactive communication by using language technologies. Today, the costs for translation between car plants in Europe are immense, only for DaimlerChrysler about 12M € p.a. - for the suppliers similarly. The economic benefit of a new linguistic infrastructure is evident, the potential to save money is high. The European target group comprises 44M industrial workers. With a project focus on automotive workers, EUCAM partners themselves employ around 120,000 industrial workers. During the project, production plants with 12,000 workers will be used as demonstration sites.

Business scenarios will be explored in order to arrive at a sustainable business model for the commercial exploitation of the final demonstration through new partnerships and business agreements at a global level. In order to achieve this goal, the consortium comprises industrial production companies, worker unions and service providers.

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