Welcome to the EUCAM project!

EUCAM is a work-process oriented multilingual learning system for workers in the industrial sector which aims at ensuring life-long learning and knowledge management in the production industry. Through the application of work-process oriented learning, knowledge management and the component of multilinguality, EUCAM is directed at establishing an infrastructure for life-long learning of production workers at a European level.

As a holistic learning infrastructure, EUCAM sources its content from the whole production chain. The knowledge of suppliers and machine manufacturers can be continually integrated into one central learning system. The shared learning infrastructure of manufacturers, machine manufacturers and suppliers aims to improve their technical cooperation also at an international level through the function of multilinguality. An improved intercultural cooperation between production sites and structures is an additional expected result of the aspect of multilinguality.

Beyond this, EUCAM has an integrated qualification tool which is expected to enable the comparability of industrial qualifications in Europe. Qualifications can be obtained during the work process and are documented in the learning system and thus available to workers at all times.

In brief

EUCAM = Multilingual Communication in European Car Manufacturing

The EUCAM project is funded by the eContent Programme of the European Commission. Contract No.:
EDC 22238 EUCAM.

Duration of the project:
May, 1st 2005
until October, 31st 2007.

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